Wednesday, March 05, 2008

RIP: "Emih Haji" My lovely Grand Mom

3 Maret 2008

I’m now on a great condolence because of my lovely grand mom’s death. I’m really sad because on this day I must lost one of the most I love people in my life. I realize that everyone include me will experience the same thing that is death. Slow but sure to be or not to be, the death will come to us. No body knows our age and destiny but Allah.

But I believe my beloved grand mom will be Rest in Peace; after I look and touch her face for the last time before she buried. I will always pray that She will have the best place in the side of Allah.

Good bye Grand mom… Selamat jalan Emih Haji. Suri tauladanmu tidak akan pernah saya lupakan. Kesholehahanmu akan menjadi inspirasi bagi seluruh anak dan cucumu untuk ditiru dan diamalkan.



14 MARET 1933 – 3 MARET 2008

From your Grand Son,

Fitra Lugina

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